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Shiftgig is basically an ondemand staffing company with a pool of pre-vetted specialists in a variety of fields. This type of business model requires different interfaces for clients, workers, internal account managers, and public facing marketing for potential customers.

I was hired at Shiftgig to diagnose a loading time problem on a backbone-powered admin calendar app in 2014. Backbone was all the rage in that era, so I developed their new work stack, which consisted of grunt compiling backbone.js, jshint linting, and QUnit testing, namespace conventions, bootstrap grid system and media queries, classical inheritance of basic view functions such as afterRender, relied on an event-driven PubSub code design pattern, and created modular helpers to facilitate rapid development.

See some code samples and design examples

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This Website

This website that you are looking at is powered by Ruby on Rails and React/Redux admin page.

Source is here if you want to make your own artist blog. Read more about design choices here

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