Thorne Brandt

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AI Animation

AI Image Generation has been evolving at an astounding pace. I'm sure this post will feel out of date within a few months. Though terrified, I've become addicted to exploring the vast frontier of the infinite landscape that AI generated imagery has to offer. As a maximalist, I'm inspired by having the privilege of having access to these tools to generates lots of content quickly. I've been experimenting with different animation techniques with this content.

My first attempt was a spooky stop motion scene.

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Digital Art Demo Space

I am the director of Digital Art Demo Space, a new media gallery, maker-space, residence, and venue for interactive art, games, comedy, performance and music located in Bridgeport Chicago.

I'm looking for artists and curators who would like to use the space in unconventional ways. I'm interested in performances, game exhibitions (physical and digital), VR/AR, mixed reality, immersive installations, art & tech, and workshops. We accept proposals at info@dadschicago.com

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An organic horror movie about the terror of entropy.

It is organic video in the sense that it has no solid state. A layer was added onto this video every day for three years, and continues to be updated for exhibitions

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