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Bank History

Educational Virtual Reality Diorama

I was hired to create a VR educational diorama for the history of a bank. The mood board of the environment could best be described as "gold dust hologram." There was a simple interface with over thirty dynamic gold statues that emerged and dissolved into dust. There as also a bank vault with interactable physical objects.

The most challenging aspect of this project was that it had a strict requirement of 90fps on the mobile Vive Focus 3 while maintaining advanced particle effects such as volumentric lighting. I achived this by creating custom shaders that faked a particle effect for the transitions. For the volumetric lighting, I faked this with carefully placed planes that implemented a custom scroll shader that looked like dust slowly drifting in front of a light. Combined with a rotating skybox and minimal turbulent particles ( to make the scrolling dust look less uniform ), I think it achieved a nice affect while not being very processor intensive for the mobile devices.

I'm happy with the final product and believe that the particles combined with the spatiallized audio of the transitions work together to create a sublime immersive experience. Here's a short clip from a playthrough.