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Money Life

A commissioned music video for the band MoleHill.
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Here is the specs I was given by MoleHill

"Maybe we could start with a monkey all hunched over, swinging from trees, eating bananas, whatever. People capture him and train him to act like a man (maybe we could use a cartoon lion-tamer-type guy with a top hat and a whip). They train him to stand up straight, shave off his hair, wear a suit, and take the train downtown every day to work at a computer. Then at night he goes home and dreams of swinging in the trees again. He keeps doing this, and the house he goes home to gets nicer and nicer, but he's doing the exact same thing every day (working in front of a computer). Eventually his eyesight gets worse (evidenced by the fact that he starts wearing glasses), and he sits more and more hunched over and leans in closer to the computer screen every day. Then, by the end, he's all hunched over again (just like he was at the beginning), he has fuzzy old-man hair all over his face, and he needs someone to help him get home to his huge mansion. Not sure what happens then, either he finally just dies there on his bed, or he attempts to actually swing from a tree and dies that way. One way or the other, he dies. "

And in a later email it was decided to have a bold tartakovsky-esque style.

...which is completely opposite from the sloppy hand drawn animations that I'm used to doing, so it was a wonderful challenge.

This music video accompanied a live performance by MoleHill at Lincoln Hall.

Watch Mon(k)ey Life on youtube