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An organic horror movie about the terror of entropy.

It is organic video in the sense that it has no solid state. A layer was added onto this video every day for three years, and continues to be updated for exhibitions. I considered the completion of a daily animation part of a meditation practice. Currently, a new layer is added onto this video after every exhibition, like a stamp on a passport. The same version of this video will never be exhibited twice.

As the video continues to grow in visual complexity, the form itself retains less actual meaning. The evolution of the video allows me to witness the experience signal being lost in noise during a process that is similar the dripping and splattering of an action painting.

The inevitable entropy of the aging mind parallels the decay of the accelerating universe and the speed of information in the digital age.

New variations of this piece have been exhibited at the Haggerty Museum, Gene Siksel Film Center, CUFF, CAC, Eyeworks, The Nightingale, and The Museum of Contemporary Art and has received a Lumen Prize.

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